Friday, June 8, 2018

Dear Grade Threes: You are not required to complete any of the sheets that were sent home on Thursday. We will work on this together in class this week, so that you develop a better understanding of the three main buildings that led to prosperity and an easier life in early Canadian communities. If you would like to use some time at home to get ahead on the first two pages, these are your instructions: A) Un moulin à farine (the flour mill): 'The miller used wheat to make flour. Draw and print the French word for two things the pioneers made with flour'. B) Le forgeron (the blacksmith shop): 'The blacksmith made and repaired metal objects'. Draw and print the French names of three important metal objects used by the pioneers. C) Le magasin général (the general store): 'The general store was a place where the pioneers could buy almost anything they needed. It was also the Post Office'. Draw and print the French names of three things the pioneers could buy at the general store. D) L'école (the school): Draw a picture of the pioneer schoolhouse, and include as many of these characteristics as possible in your drawing: 1. the school was a small log cabin, 2. The school only had one classroom, 3. Students of all ages were in the same class and 4. Teachers were often members of the clergy (priests or nuns). Thank you signing the permission form so that we can try some of the foods prepared by our Frist Nations Peoples and by early European settlers! We will fit our tastings in over the next few weeks as we wrap up the rest of our Social Studies lessons. Monsieur Carey